In the context of global economy, business is evolving at a rapid pace. Our lawyers understand the changing landscape and the legal challenges that businesses face in building their enterprises because we work with them every day.

We are known for our creativity, expertise and business acumen. We have broad skills and experience in complex and significant transactions in the areas of corporate and commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, business finance and corporate reorganization.

Our business lawyers Christopher Moon, Neil G. Davis, Barbara Skupien and William G. Davis are focused on helping business clients achieve their corporate and financial objectives with expert, practical and timely legal advice and service.  We are partners in their enterprise.

Business Law Services  

·    Business mergers, acquisitions and sales
·    Incorporation and organization of new businesses
·    Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements
·    Corporate and business finance transactions
·    Corporate reorganization
·    Corporate records services
·    Commercial and industrial leases
·    Business contracts
·    Business succession planning

Commercial Real Estate and Land Development
Personal Estate Planning

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