Brampton Office (Main Office)
Davis Webb LLP

24 Queen Street East, Suite 800
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6V 1A3

Telephone: 905.451.6714
Facsimile:   905.454.1876

Parking: On-street parking on Queen Street available. 
Please note restricted hours. Covered municipal parking
available at 1 Theatre Lane under the Rose Theatre
(north of the building).

Map: Click here

Oakville Office
Ronald S. Sleightholm, Resident Partner
84 Nelson Street
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6L 3H8

Telephone: 905.582.3569
Facsimile: 905.582.8339

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William G. Davis Counsel 270
Ronald K. Webb Q.C. Partner 234
Neil G. Davis Partner 226
Christopher Moon Partner 250
Ronald S. Sleightholm Partner 230
Ellen S. Pefhany Partner 231
Barbara Skupien Partner 251
James S.G. Macdonald Partner 239